Change point detection

The ruptures package developped by my former PhD student Charles Truong is a Python library for offline change point detection. Source code is available under the BSD license and deployed with a complete documentation that includes installation instructions and explanations with code snippets on advance use. It includes a large range of state-of-the-art change-point detection algorithms and some new methods as well !


Gait database

A data set of 1020 multivariate gait signals collected with two inertial measurement units, from 230 subjects undergoing a fixed protocol: standing still, walking 10 m, turning around, walking back and stopping. In total, 8.5 h of gait time series are distributed. The measured population was composed of healthy subjects as well as patients with neurological or orthopedic disorders. An outstanding feature of this data set is the amount of signal metadata that are provided. In particular, the start and end time stamps of more than 40,000 footsteps are available, as well as a number of contextual information about each trial.

Data zip
Source code zip

Sound processing

Several souce codes in C for sound denoising/interpolation can be found in the Sound section of IPOL journal along with articles describing the implementation and online demos.

Denoising zip
Interpolation zip

Chord recognition

Here are the chord recognition algorithms we submitted to MIREX 2010 & 2009 for the Audio Chord Detection task. (Results 2009 & 2010). These softwares are released using a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. .

MIREX 2010 OFG1 zip pdf

MIREX 2009 OGF1 (min-maj) zip pdf
OGF2 (min-maj-7) zip pdf