Research topics

Signal processing for time series
★ Biomedical signal processing (accelerometers, ECG, EEG...)
★ Multimodal/multivariate time series analysis in industrial context
★ Audio denoising
★ Video stabilization and quality assessment

Event and pattern recognition/extraction in time series
★ Pattern recognition/extraction in time series
★ Measures of fit for comparing time series (DTW, Wasserstein, Kullback-Leibler...)
★ Convolutional dictionary learning
★ Anomaly detection in multivariate time series

Change-point detection
★ Multiple change-point detection in time and time-frequency domain
★ Supervised approaches for the calibration of segmentation methods
★ Symbolic time series representations
★ Adaptive signal processing for nonstationary data

Graph signal processing
★ Graph learning from graph signals
★ Interpolation and denoising of graph signals
★ Multivariate time-vertex signals with application to EEG data

Biomedical engineering and applications
★ Gait analysis (elderly, stroke, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis...)
★ States of consciousness during general anesthesia
★ Upper limb rehabilitation
★ Eye tracking

Reproducibility and open science
★ Open-source software
★ Online demos and reproducible algorithms
★ Publication of medical databases

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